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Owning a Boreas XT and working with Matt has been a pleasure! Customer service runs neck and neck with producing a quality product. From campgrounds in the Sawtooths, and friendly driveways in Haden ID, weeks out in Northern B.C., way, way off road Utah, and my parent’s backyard. We have found the design to be sturdy, efficient and fun to live in. The square (as opposed to curved) kitchen cover provides shelter to cook and sit even in rainy weather. The solar power system is just the right size for long-term camping, just big enough to recharge in a day from ordinary evening use. The independent suspension, unique hitch, and trailer brakes make it a dream to handle in the roughest off-road conditions. The well-balanced design makes it solid, comfortable and safe towing at freeway speeds, even in wind and weather. Thanks Into The Wild Overland for our home away from home! -Shan M.

I love my Teardrop from Into the Wild. It is up to any adventure, large or small. We have slept comfortably in rest stops in WY and the middle of nowhere UT. We have traveled for weeks, the kitchen has been great! The awning and three-sided room gives us a place to clean up after a day in the wild! Matt provides incredible support, answering questions and tweaking anything that is needed. -Joyce K.

Matt builds an absolutely first-rate trailer. After months and months of research, I am confident in saying that the Boreas XT is one of, if not the best thought-out offroad travel trailers on the market. I’m consistently amazed at how well everything functions whether it’s the interior shelf-turned-bunk for our toddler, the hot water shower, or the slide out fridge, stove, and sink in the galley. It also tows very smoothly and has handled some pretty rocky Colorado trails already this season. Matt has also been great about post-sale support, answering texts and email questions right away. We’re extremely happy with our choice to buy from Into the Wild Overland! -Nick D.

True Believer – I took my Into the Wild Overland trailer elk hunting in the Colorado Flat Tops; the roads between I-70 and Indian Camp Pass were full of rocks, ruts, and challenges. My trailer did very well following behind my Toyota 4-Runner, and it was the envy of my hunting companions. Once parked, my camp was instantly setup. At night the propane heater kept me comfortable in the zero-degree weather. Following a successful elk hunt, the trip home put my Into the Wild Overland trailer to the ultimate test. Instead of retracing my route from hunting camp back to I-70, I made a wrong turn. Rather than traveling on a slightly rutted dirt road, I found myself on a “transfer trail” between the Flat Tops and Glenwood Springs. This transfer trail was a serious four-wheel drive road that would have been difficult to travel over with just my 4-Runner. In fact, my Into the Wild Overland trailer survived the this return trip better than my 4-Runner. Matt and his crew inspected my trailer once I got back to the Denver area and it only required minor adjustments. My 4-Runner need to have the running boards (which were destroyed) removed and replaced with rock sliders. These trailers are built incredibly tough while the Into the Wild Overland team demonstrates excellent customer service, as required. Camp (truly) is Where You Tow It. Thanks Matt and team at Into the Wild Overland! -Brian F.

If you’re looking for a way to get away, check these out. Our Boreas has been one of the best purchases we’ve made. We keep it loaded and ready to go so we can get to the mountains at moments notice. Our trailer has helped us get further away and to get out more frequently. They’ve done a great job with the layout, standard features and were happy to work with us through custom options.– Michael G.

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