Wow. We just got back from Overland Expo 2018 in Flagstaff with just enough time to wash a weekend’s worth of sweat and dirt off (TMI? Not for this crowd…) before hitting the hay. The event was, as expected, exhausting and invigorating at the same time. We loved seeing the excitement of the exhibitors and attendees on what is possible in this industry, and how people can go overland farther, and more often.

At Into the Wild we were stoked to show off our 2019 model. We’ve removed ALL of the wood. Not a splinter left. Our same steel frame now supports a cabin manufactured with composite fiberglass paneling. The panel are then mounted to a fully welded aluminum interior and exterior skeleton. The floor is a diamond-plate rubber, and the cabinetry is a compressed PVC. There is NO ORGANIC MATTER on the Boreas, removing any chance for rot, warping or termites. The composite material is also lighter (we shaved ~15% of our total weight from the previous model), stronger, and buffable! With our previous aluminum siding, when it was scratched or dented, it was for forever. The composite material can be buffed to remove scratches, patched for dents, and comes with a manufacturer’s 3-year warranty!

In the galley kitchen, we replaced the wood pull-outs that housed the sink and stove with stainless steel bays. The counter is now stainless also, and the cabinets are the same light-weight, durable compressed PVC that is in the cabin.

Our water tank also got an upgrade. We doubled our capacity to 20 gallons and placed the tank between the wheels under the cabin. The weight is distributed on the axel line, and the tank is protected by a skid plate underneath.

Replacing the wood with the super thin composite material also freed up the cabin. We gained an inch on each side of the bed, and the length is up to 6’6”. No ‘RV Queen’ sized mattress here.

The campers will be available in Forest Green, Dessert Tan, and Storm Grey. Keep on eye for these new colors on the website and social media!

We were pumped to be at the show at the booth of B&B RV in Denver, CO, our exclusive dealership. We are dropping off a few more 2019 Boreas trailers to their lot this week. Reach out to them or us for more details on our newest model, and how it can get you ‘into the wild’.



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