Company Bio

 Into The Wild Expedition Rentals launched in the spring of 2015 as an outdoor expedition and overland rental business. The focal point of Into the Wild Expedition Rentals is directed towards “off the grid” camping and the vehicles that take you there.  IWER is based out of Denver Colorado and offers easy access to many National Parks and recreation areas.  We are also in close proximity to the Denver International Airport.

A 4×4 Sportsmobile allows you to access areas beyond your typical campground.  Taking advantage of the free camping on National Forest and Bureau of Land Management(BLM) areas.  Avoid the crowds and get out into the wild!

A Little About the Owner

In the Fall of 2013 I left my job in the power industry, sold all of my stuff and bought an RV.  I spent the winter in Breckenridge, Colorado working as a ski instructor and logging as many days on the hill as possible.  Once spring rolled around I hit the road traveling through North America hitting downhill mountain bike parks.  My background has been construction, from Lincoln Logs as a kid, to carpentry through high school and college, and most recently power plant construction.  Adding that to a borderline obsession with cars and trucks creates a perfect dynamic.   Heck, even my first word was “car”.

“The Betty” and I exploring The San Juan National Forest

During the 12,000 mile trip I had plenty of windshield time to think about plans for the future.  Most importantly how I could keep this lifestyle afloat.  As the summer progressed, meeting dozens of other travelers I began to see a value for vehicles used on their journeys.  I settled on the idea of a company that offers “adventure” vehicles for rent.  Owning, purchasing, or building your personal adventure-mobile can take a great deal of time and money.  The rental option offers you the opportunity to get out and explore without having to own the vehicle.

 If you want to check out all the amazing places my overland adventures took me, check out my blog at

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